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Welcome to the Ubiquitous Wireless Communications Research (Uwicore) laboratory, a laboratory that is part of the Signal Theory and Communications of the University Miguel Hernandez (UMH). The University Miguel Hernandez is a young and dynamic University located in Elche, a Unesco city in the Spanish South Mediterranean coast. The University research activities are mainly focused on Engineering, Health sciences and Biotechnology.

The Uwicore research laboratory has been created with the firm belief of the present and future major role of wireless communications to socially and economically improve our lives. Such improvement will not only come through traditional human communications but most importantly through the development and ubiquitous implementation of machine and industrial wireless connectivity. With such belief, Uwicore is working on both human and machine wireless communications centering its research and activities around its main research capabilities: resource management, communications protocols and algorithms, system design and optimization.


Baldomero Coll-Perales successfully defended his PhD Thesis "Mobile Relaying and Opportunistic Networking in Multi-hop Cellular Networks"

Javier Gozalvez elected Executive Vice President of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society

Noureddine Haouari, a PhD student from USTHB in Algeria visits UWICORE

Michele Rondinone successfully defended his PhD Thesis "Connectivity-based Routing and Dissemination Protocols for Vehicular Networks"

UWICORE's Director, Program Co-Chair of the IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference 2013

Alberto Rodriguez-Mayol defended his PhD Thesis "Reputation Techniques for Multi-hop Mobile Ad-hoc Networks"

UMH designs the V2I communications system for the most powerful electric vehicle

Positions available at UWICORE

Javier Gozalvez, elected VP Mobile Radio of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society

Baldomero Coll visits King's College London

Javier Gozalvez, General Co-Chair of URSI 2012